i-Jet Collaborations with the NCSA

At the University of Illinois, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) brings together University students and staff, and collaborators around the world. Together, these scientists tackle some of the most ambitious challenges facing society in the areas of bioinformatics, materials and manufacturing, and earth and the environment, to name a few.

More specifically, the NCSA has the capabilities to gather and analyze an impressive amount of data to find issues, identify trends, and formulate solutions. Recently, the i-Jet Lab has approached the NCSA in regards to joining the consortium of companies involved with advanced data analytics techniques research. The consortium will give visibility into problems businesses and engineering groups encounter, using high performance computing to solve them.

Applications from this partnership with Brunswick can include Advanced CFD techniques, Electrical Simulations, and Machine Learning Techniques.The NCSA has outlined their vision into 2020 and beyond, and one goal is to be an engine for innovation and economic development. At the Lab, our Site Director, Troy, is excited for the potential opportunities coming out of this partnership, “The alignment of this vision with Brunswick opens the door of possibility for progressive research and product development that will be mutually beneficial for the company and for the University.”