Innovation and Inspiration on the Water

Brunswick is an industry leader in the marine space, with a mission to enhance the experiences of fun-seekers through its brands and boating products. The company is over 150 years old and manages over 35 brands in the marine boat and engine arenas. To learn more about the Brunswick Corporation, visit

A deep history of innovation

For more than 150 years, Brunswick has been a major innovator in not only the marine space, but in industries as diverse as fitness and aerospace. The company created its first billiards table in 1845, which proved to be massively successful for the fledgling company. Brunswick quickly began to use its expertise in woodwork to enter new categories, such as bar backs and quite notably bowling, to include bowling balls, pins and equipment. As Brunswick continued its growth, it came to make Chicago its headquarters, and acquired businesses and ventured further into the recreation industry, making products such as: golf clubs, roller skates, fishing equipment, basketballs and more.

As a conglomerate, Brunswick has developed solutions in many different industries and has created products and innovations that have helped to change the world. The company supported advancements in medical devices with syringes and catheters, supported efforts in World War Two with its engines, and even aided space exploration efforts with parts, filters and seals for Space Shuttles and Mars landers. As time went on, Brunswick focused its core business around recreation experiences and today is focused on being the leading company within the marine space.

Strategic Direction
Guided by years of experience

"We are excited about the future as we sharpen our focus on Brunswick's unique and formidable marine platform. It is not our intention to just participate in this industry ... it is our intention to define it ... and together we will."

- David Foulkes, Brunswick CEO

David historically has been an aspirational leader within Brunswick. In the past, he served in Mercury Marine as the VP of PD&E (Product Design & Engineering), and also as Brunswick's CTO. David has allowed the technical experts within our company to explore further and faster than ever before.

Now as the Chief Executive Officer, David has charted a course for Brunswick that doubles down on innovative features and experiences. He has a desire to inspire our customers with product craftsmanship and attention to detail.