A vision for the future of boating
At the Brunswick i-Jet Lab, we're driven by a desire to effectively influence and enhance our customers’ experiences across the marine space. We've focused on this goal by investing our efforts into a few key categories which guide our work. These include, but are not limited to...


Autonomous Tech

Media Integration (AR & VR)

Alternative Power Sources

AI & Robotics

And more...

The Future of Our Customers
Creating experiences of the future
While the i-Jet Lab is a subsidiary of Brunswick, we work closely with our company’s leadership to identify opportunities and pave paths forward. We believe that we need to constantly think years ahead of the industry to anticipate trends, introduce innovations and affect change. At the i-Jet Lab, we're planting the seeds that will encourage our business and the industry to think about the future of the marine industry. Learn more about Brunswick and the brands that we support in shaping experiences for our customers and the future of boating.
"Our future is focused on innovation and inspiration on the water. We are positioned on the cutting edge of autonomous piloting and other new technologies and will continue to deliver better boating experiences to our customers."
- John Pfeifer, President of Mercury